Current Committee

We are responsible for the overall organisation of the society, and work by communicating with members, the Students Union and Engineers Without Borders UK

Henry Budden


Hi, I’m Henry, and I am the President of Engineers Without Borders Sheffield this year. I am a fourth year Bioengineering student, specialising in Biomedical Engineering. As the President this year I am excited to lead the society back into face-to-face activities, as well as seeing the completion of our four fantastic student-led projects, including a Wind Turbine, VTOL Drone and a Rainwater Harvesting system.  If you’ve got ideas for the society, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Josephine Campling

Vice President and Inclusions Officer

Hello, I’m Jo, and I’m a third-year general engineering student specialising in Civil. I strongly believe in the power of engineering to help solve the massive global problems we are facing. EWB is excellent at raising awareness and getting people involved in solving these problems. I want to ensure that this continues with as many students as possible involved.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, suggestions on what would make it easier for you, or would just like to have a friendly face for the first time you come along, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at  

Outside of Uni, I like throwing myself into freezing cold water, climbing mountains, doing climate activism, and persuading people that Engineering is, in fact, a cool degree.

Helen Meutermans

Operations Officer

Hi I’m Helen Meutermans and I am in my final year of my MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. As Operations Officer, it is my job to run the EWB email account and I will try to answer any general questions that come through as best as I can!

Christine Fernando

Finance and Development Officer

Hi, I’m Christine, a second year Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering student. This is my First year in EWB Sheffield and therefore, I look forward to experience everything that the society has to offer. As the Finance and development officer it is my duty to make sure that the society and all the projects have enough resources to continue their work while staying on budget. Other than engineering I really enjoy baking. 

Manilka Jayasekera

Publicity and Trainings Officer

Hello, I’m Manilka, a 3rd year chemical and biological engineering student. My role entails promoting our events and getting as many people engaged as possible, in addition to organizing training sessions. If you have any questions regarding any upcoming events, please feel free to email me at Outside of work and studying, I really enjoy reading and binging tv shows.

Isambard Hills-Savage

Events Officer

Hi thereMy name’s Bardy and I’m our Events Officer this year! I’m looking forward to increasing the reach of our events this year to pull even more people into our chapter than ever before. If you have any suggestions for events you would like to see please don’t hesitate to email me at

Maria Moubarak

Outreach Officer

Hi, my name is Maria Moubarak and I’m the outreach officer for this year. I will be managing the outreach program for the society where we organize workshops in local primary school aiming to introduce the future generations to engineering and inspire them. We hope to be able to help them explore their career options as engineers and show them how they could solve real life problems with engineering. 

James Preston

Workroom Manager

I am James Preston, a 5th year Mechanical Engineer. I am excited to be returning for my 3rd year on the committee after taking a year off to do my placement. As the Workroom Manager, this year my role is to maintain the storeroom and ensure that there are adequate rooms for the various projects to work in.

Parisha Mistry

Rainwater Harvesting Project Manager

Hi, I’m Parisha and I’m the Project Manager for Rainwater Harvesting! I’m in my second year studying Aerospace Engineering and started my EWB journey as an Outreach Volunteer during my first year. I joined the committee because I believe it is essential for engineers to consider the future as well as the present. Without doing this, our technological advances are hampered by solving additional problems we could have already mitigated. In particular, I’m looking forward to managing the rainwater harvesting project as it brings together multiple concepts and utilizes so many natural processes already happening around us.

Josh Nelson

Wind Turbine Project Manager

My name is Josh and I’m the wind turbine project manager for this year. I have spent 2 years as part of the Wind turbine project. During my participation with the project, I have designed the raising and lowering mechanism and done research of both the site of interest and the design. I have experience with running projects and I was on the committee for my rugby team as the welfare officer. I also have a strong interest in preserving the environment, having designed a waste water reactor which removed harmful substances from going into a local river and done an Extended Project Qualification exploring renewable energy as the future for UK energy.

Bradley Diggines

Precious Plastics Project Manager

Hi, I’m Bradley, a third-year materials engineering student and current manager for the Precious Plastics project. I’ve been involved with EWB since starting at Sheffield and am looking forward to yet another year of great work (hopefully face-to-face too). Within the Precious Plastics project I’m particularly excited to get two machines up and running in the new workspace and start the community recycling initiative.

Want to work with us?

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact using the form on our homepage or through one of our social media accounts!

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