Committee 2022/23


Hi, I’m Alastair, I’m a First Year PhD
student in Mechanical Engineering.
I’ve been part of EWB Sheffield for
the last 5 years and have had the opportunity to watch the society grow
and diversify beyond my imagination
in that time. I look forward to
continuing to develop the society with this years fantastic committee and welcoming new members to join the movement promoting sustainability and sustainable engineering. If you have ideas for the society or would like to just get in touch, please email us at

Vice President and Inclusions Officer

My name is Marcus, I’m a third year
undergraduate bioengineer and also
the Vice President and Inclusions
Officer. I have been widely involved
in Sheffield Engineering as a member
of SELA, a health and safety officer
in the Forge and as a contestant in
the international GEM competition.
I’m excited to help continue the
development of EWB Sheffield, its
members and its projects throughout


Hi, I’m Clarice, a second year
bioengineering student. As the
secretary of EWB, I will manage
the society’s email account and
organize meetings. This will be my
first year in EWB and I look
forward to working with

Events Officer

Hi there, my name is Bardy and I’m our
events officer this year. I’m a 4th year
engineer specialising in energy and
sustainability. We’ve done some excellent
work in building the profile of our events
such as the Designathon and green
careers fayre over the last few years and
I’m looking forward to building on that
work this year. With covid hopefully well
and truly behind us (fingers crossed), it’ll
also be great to get some good socials
going for the society too!
If you’ve got any ideas for events you’d
like to see us run drop me an email at

Vice Events Officer

Hello, my name’s Antoine Bassil
and I’m a third year Bioengineer.
My role this year is vice events
which is basically just help plan
the society’s events. Apart from
studying, I love binge watching
tv shows.

Finance and Development Officer

Hi, I’m Vivek, a 2nd year Computer
Science student. Being a part of EWB
Sheffield, I love everything that the
society has to offer as well as meeting
new people who want to add value to our
society and community. As a treasurer, I
want to make sure that we have another
excellent year ahead while trying to make
sure we have appropriate funds for every
project so that they can continue doing
their amazing work!

Publicity and Trainings Officer

Hey, I’m Rachel, a second
year Bioengineering student.
I’m excited to help advertise
our society and meet you all!
Outside of uni I love playing
badminton but I’m horrible
at it.

Workroom Manager

Hi, I’m Nathan. I’m specialising in
Energy & Sustainability
engineering and have a passion
for anything water-related. This
year, I’m Workroom Manager for
EWB Sheffield. I look forward to
working with the project
managers to ensure the smooth
and safe running of our practical
projects. Outside of engineering,
I enjoy fell running and outdoor

Project Leaders

Vaccine Storage Project

Hello, I’m Chalisa and I’m a second year
chemical engineering student. I first joined
EWB in the designathon 2022 (winning
runner-up!) and absolutely loved the
experience! Now as the Vaccine Storage
Project leader, I am excited to get involved
with EWB throughout the year. My aims for
the project is to build on the information
analysed in the previous year to finalise a
design in preparation for building in the
following academic year. Looking forward
to working with you all, and feel free to
email me if
you have any questions about the project.

Rainwater Harvesting Project

Hey, I’m Harry, a third year
General Engineering student
specialising in Civil. Recently
we’ve seen how important an
area water conservation is
becoming and I’m excited to get
involved on a community level.

Project: Kestrel

My name is Will and I am an
undergraduate aerospace
engineer and the current project
leader at Project: Kestrel. I have
been leading and developing the
project since the start of the
2022 academic year along with a
great group of aspiring
individuals and look forward to
pushing the boundaries of an
EWB project in the future.

Wind Turbine Project

Hi, I’m Isaac and doing a PhD in
electrical engineering. This year
I’m project manager for the
‘Wind Turbine for Rural
Communities’ project. I’m looking
forward to helping team
members develop valuable skills
that will help them secure jobs
working in sustainable

Precious Plastics Project

Hi! I’m Holly, a third-year
Mechanical Engineering student
and project manager for Precious
Plastics. I chose engineering as I
want to practically contribute to
achieving a green, carbon-zero
future. I have always been keen
to reduce my consumption of
single use plastics and I am very
excited to see this project
accelerate forward this year.

Outreach Officer

I’m Evelyn, a second-year
bioengineering student and outreach
officer for this year. I am very
enthusiastic about helping others, so
that is why I will be leading the
outreach program, which consist of
several sessions carried out through
the year in local primary schools by
university students that introduce
engineering concepts through fun
workshops. The aim is to inspire future
generations so that they too can see
how magical and important
engineering is in today’s society!

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