Climate Resilient Homes

In our first Engineering for Good talk of 2021, we discuss building climate resilient housing. As the climate crisis worsens engineers must be prepared to design to mitigate the effects of climate change on populations. The challenges we face are broad from increased extreme weather events, flooding, temperature extremes to name just a few. JohnContinue reading “Climate Resilient Homes”

Engineering for Good w/Hannah Mottram

On 15th December, we hosted our final Engineering for Good talk with Hannah Mottram. Hannah’s career has encompassed teaching, energy policy, working in the civil service and now studying for a PhD. Her research looks at the technical and social challenges involved in creating off-grid energy systems in developing countries, and how communities are engagedContinue reading “Engineering for Good w/Hannah Mottram”

Engineering for Good w/Kit Oung

On 17th November 2020, we were extremely pleased to host Kit Oung for the second of our Engineering for Good session. This was the first recorded session. Kit Oung is an engineering consultant specializing in energy and resource efficiency, who has worked internationally and collaborated on the creation of many different ISOs. Our apologies forContinue reading “Engineering for Good w/Kit Oung”

A Message From Our Departing President

One year ago, I took over as EWB Sheffield’s President aiming consolidate our activities and develop the society. A year later, we, as a Committee, have done just that. Developing relationships in the faculty has opened up the society to great deal of support that we hadn’t previously utilised. Particularly, redefining the role our academicContinue reading “A Message From Our Departing President”